Dental Services & Fees

NHS & Private

We are dedicated to providing open and honest dental care with transparent pricing.

Our latest dental fees are published below.

Fees for complex treatments can vary from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the individual case, and the materials used to achieve the required aesthetic result. Complex treatments are therefore listed as “From” to provide a guide.

Should you require treatment, your dentist will issue a full treatment plan, clearly explaining the recommended treatment, all options which may be available, along with the relevant fee. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

We also offer dental plans to help you spread the costs of your routine care.

Please note, our NHS list is currently full but we are accepting new patients on private and Denplan, learn more here.  N.B. – Late cancellations may be chargeable.

Tooth Whitening


If you would like a brighter smile and want to achieve this in the comfort of your own home then this service is great for you. Following an initial consultation with your dentist, we will take moulds of your teeth. These are then used to make custom fitted trays which hold the special bleaching agent over to your teeth so you can start the journey to achieve your pearly white smile.


Invisalign from £3495

Over time teeth can move, resulting in an uneven smile which may knock your confidence. Fortunately, there are treatments available to correct overcrowding and once again create a great smile.

Invisalign works with removable, near-invisible aligners so that you can achieve your new smile whilst still doing all the things you usually do like brushing and flossing. On visit 1, impressions are taken of your teeth along with some X-rays of your dental structure. The impressions will go to a lab where a dental technician will make custom made trays which will fit your teeth comfortably. The trays enable small, gentle tooth movements when they are worn. It is recommended the trays are worn 22 hours of the day for optimum results. Your perfect smile can be achieved in as little as 12 weeks.
Once your treatment is completed you can brighten up your smile with our tooth whitening service which is included in this package.

Dental Implant Placement

Cost: From £1900 (Free consultation & quote for treatment)

Dental implants are a great restorative treatment for patients who have lost teeth and would like to put confidence back into their smile. The titanium screws are placed and are given 3-4 months to integrate into the jaw bone, sometimes with the aid of a bone graft, once healed a tooth-like prosthesis called a crown is placed on top to simulate a tooth. It will be the right shade, size and shape to suit your smile. A free consultation is available and a personalised quote will be provided upon consultation. Simon Hill has over 8 years experience placing implants resulting in excellent service and treatment.

NHS Treatments Cost
(Examination, Scale & polish, X-rays or Urgent treatment)
(Fillings, Root canal treatment, Extractions)
(Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Dentures)
Here is a list of our private services. If you would like to use our private treatments but have concerns about the cost please see our Denplan page to learn about the benefits of spreading the cost.

Prices are effective from 1st April 2022

Private Treatments Cost
Examination £40
Radiographs £5 each
Simple Scale & Polish £50
Periodontal Treatment £50 per appointment
Air Polish £85
Composite Fillings £65 – £110
Amalgam Fillings £50 – £95
Glass Ionomer Fillings £65 – £110
Root Fillings
Anterior From £300
Posterior From £450
Extractions From £75
Porcelain Bonded to Non-precious Metal From £410
EMAX Porcelain From £500
Gold From £400 (plus cost of gold)
Veneers From £500
Gold From £350 (plus cost of gold)
Composite From £360
Dentures (price per denture, not per set)
Single Tooth Acrylic From £300
Full From £650
Metal Partial Denture From £900
Tooth Whitening From £275
Surgical Items
Apicectomy £300
Surgical Extraction £150 – £350
Coronally placed gum contouring £350
Soft Tissue Graft £500 autogenous (plus materials if xenograft)
Bone Graft From £800
Sinus Augmentation to Include Graft Material £1100
Guided Tissue Regeneration £350 – 500
Emergency Appointment From £95 (includes radiograph & dressing/extraction of a single tooth if required)